Wine has always been, a part of the life of the people who live in rural areas, especially in the wine villages, where wine has another dimension.

Since the medieval ages, the harvest of grapes has been a celebration for the village, a celebration of life, and the creation of wine was done in a ritual with a technique which passed from a generation to generation.

The small medieval houses had their own cellar and wine was produced in special pots and was stored in dark rooms, built in a way that had the right temperature and humidity. All this was purely experiential.

The opening of the wine pots was another celebration, and with an open invitation to many people and has evolved into a local festival.

Nowadays the Troodos area, is hosting 5 Wine Festivals starting from the 13th of September and ending on the 18th of October.

Troodos Network of Thematic Centers has implemented a training and capacity building at the Troodos Wine Center in Vouni, where the Presidents of all Community Councils who are holding Wine Festivals, were invited with all Wine producers in the area and the owners of Agro-Tourism establishments in order to upgrade the Wine Festivals and create a unique Branding for each event.The Training was sponsored by the Cyprus Tourism Organisation througha European Funded program.