Use of Triple Bottom Line sustainability framework in rural wine entrepreneurship (UseWine)

    The Social Aspect of UseWine Project


TBL is a business framework that incorporates three dimensions of performance: social, environmental and financial. This differs from traditional reporting frameworks as it includes ecological and social measures.

The TBL dimensions are also commonly called the 3Ps: People, Planet and Profits.

Two of the main objectives of “UseWine” Project are:

  1. To assist Wine SMEs in establishing a sustainability strategy that will include environmental and social elements
  2. To foster a TBL culture in Wine entrepreneurship


Human Resources are the most valuable assets of each organisation.

Although automation in the Wine Industry has reduced the number of people which have to be involved in the Wine production and commercial supply chains, and technology has replaced the human interaction between the producers and buyers or even the consumers, the human factor has a huge importance on the sustainability of each and every enterprise.


As we are looking on People, Planet and Profit, with the first emphasis to People , we have to empower them, support them, make them feel as a real asset of the organisation but also educate them and train them so that they are fully aligned with the organisations Vision & Mission and understand the importance of 3Ps for the sustainability of their organisation.


The UseWine Project, as far as people are concerned, is that it will increase awareness based on 3Ps of the Wine Industry as a whole with all the stakeholders on Macro & Micro level, it will create a culture of environmental awareness and respect for the planet.

On a personal level it will lead to a higher self-esteem and self- appreciation, as people will understand that they are the centre of development it will empower people through skill development, creation of new organic and environmental products and services and above all it will provide a platform for more human interaction within the organisation as well as with the supporting local authorities, Ministries, environmental authorities and the whole community.


A small example is the Pilot Project of Wine Villages which was financed by the Council of Europe and was implemented in Cyprus, by the Troodos Network of Thematic Centers.

The first phase was the Team Building & Training of local authorities, the creation of a common Vision & Mission regarding the use of Wine, apart from the traditional way, as an ingredient of creating Wine Beauty products and as a way of attracting Tourism in the area through Wine& Gastronomy Tours ,so that the Wine Industry will be more sustainable.


At a second level all the ladies, Youth and Wine Industry stakeholders of the Wine Villages who were in the program, were trained about the healing properties of using grapes & wine and all possibilities of establishing micro businesses related to Wine were given to them, so that a healthy and viable eco system would be created in the Wine villages in a community engaged development model, were each and every person has a benefit on a social and financial way.


Skill Assessment of all the people involved in the Wine villages was implemented so that Wine & gastronomy Tourism packages were made, and Wine Soap Workshops were implemented as a way of getting people together, give them another skill, which can be developed into a micro business but also to enhance the Social Interaction amongst the inhabitants of the Wine villages.




The Social results were the creation of strong Teams, the creation of better communication channels between the local authorities and the people as well as the respective Ministries and Regional authorities, the empowerment of the people.

There was a big request for additional training and Team Building activities which will be implemented through the 3P Erasmus +Project, in a more systematic way, for more tangible results.





Yioula Papakyriacou

Director- Troodos Network of Thematic Centers